Updating unix

In Ubuntu 11.10 and later the default package manager is the "Ubuntu Software Center".

Then restart the sms service and re-run your cycle (software update, etc). Note carefully that simply re-installing Audacity will not clear and reset your Audacity settings for preferences and plug-ins.For instructions on how to achieve this please see Reset Audacity Settings.If you wish to install only the LAME package required for MP3 export, search for LAME in the Ubuntu Software Center and install it.The following are detailed instructions for installing LAME using the Synaptic package manager on recent Debian-based systems and in Ubuntu 11.04 and earlier.The optional FFmpeg library allows Audacity to import and export a much larger range of audio formats including M4A (AAC), AC3, AMR (narrow band) and WMA and also to import audio from most video files.


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