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Despite the bigger names involved, it is his portrayal of Lucas that carries the picture since he is the hub around whom events revolve as the individual stories unfold.

That is a lot to ask of a young actor, but Holland delivers.

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But his scenes of its striking are horrific enough to give some sense of its magnitude, even on the screen.How can you tell the story of what happened almost simultaneously in Indonesia and India, Myanmar and Malaysia, and eventually affected even the African coast. He focuses on the few, hoping that through them audiences will better understand the tale of the many.For such a story, The Impossible is perhaps a more than fitting title, but the film works and gives a view that is both visually impressive and dramatically moving.A regular family - Maria (Naomi Watts), Henry (Ewan Mc Gregor) and their three kids - travel to Thailand to spend Christmas. After settling in and exchanging gifts, they go to the pool, like so many other tourists.A perfect paradise vacation until a distant noise becomes a roar.Sanchez when they decided to put an account of the 2004 tsunami on the screen.


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