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This one breed is today the least known to Americans, and yet perhaps has more qualities appealing to the American breeder and draft horse employer than any of the better-known breeds of draft horses.

The homeland of the Suffolk horses is Norfolk and Suffolk counties.

To plow the heavy clay soil they needed an agricultural horse with power, but also stamina, health, longevity, and docility.

So these fine husbandmen produced the Suffolk horse and bred him for the attributes that fulfilled their needs.

In this local Guide you'll find listings of forthcoming events, concerts, Art Exhibitions and plenty of things to do throughout the year.

We also have a guide to Suffolk Restaurants, Pubs in Suffolk and, of course, where to stay, so book your Summer break in Suffolk now!

They consist of a specimen Carp lake which has been stocked with Carp since 1980’s and additionally stocked with silver fish and tench and a recently cleaned out spring fed lake stocked with Tench and Crucian Carp. The Fishing Lakes are managed by John Brown & Sons who can be contacted by mobile or email...

The fishing lakes are situated in a peaceful, quiet, ancient parkland setting surrounded by sheltered hedges and woodland 2 miles south of Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk.

Situated in the beautiful, rolling Suffolk countryside you will find the old wool town of Clare.

It is bordered on the north, east and south by the North Sea and on the west by the Fens.

Isolated from their neighbors, the farmers of Suffolk independently developed breeds of livestock to fit their special way of life.

"THE ONLY DRAFT HORSE BRED FOR THE FURROW" Today's best-known breeds of draft horses are said to date back to the great war horses of Medieval times.

But while these great titans clashed in mortal combat, the quiet farmers of eastern England went about developing their own breed of heavy horse, the Suffolk Punch.


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