The Saudi government hasn’t banned social media platforms.However, anyone using sites like Facebook and Twitter needs to be careful about what they write.“Immorality” in Saudi Arabia also stretches to women’s rights.Despite these controls, Saudi Arabia has the highest percentage of the population using Twitter of any country in the world.In February 2016, a Saudi court sentenced a Twitter user to 2,000 lashes and 10 years in prison for promoting atheism in 600 tweets.You may think your comments are humorous, or inoffensive.As such, Vypr VPN has no difficulty getting traffic through the Saudi internet controls.


Only China, Syria, Iran, Ethiopia, Uzbekistan, Cuba, and Vietnam are more controlling.

IPVanish is also a good bet for getting through detection in Saudi Arabia.

Since our original IPVanish review they have been great at dodging VPN detection systems on streaming services and can get into Netflix, which has some of the most thorough procedures to identify and block VPN traffic. This is important if you want to use video calling, because the interactive nature of video chat systems requires a very fast connection.

It’s important to guard what you write and say in Saudi Arabia.

Controlling your speech on the internet is actually easier than you might think.


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