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very interesting & versatile release, very much recommended !! in 1993) this is their farewell-release, with two rather incredible pretty pop songs (drumbox, guitar, sequencer & synths, female vocals paraphrasing dadaist KURT SCHWITTERS in German)..also documents a rarely before seen evolution of a band starting with rough ambient noise and ending with a kind of 'Schlager' pop.... Lim.300 a collection of 14 works for theatre, galleries and installations by MICHAEL BEGG aka HUMAN GREED, showing again the wide range of intense poetic melancholism this project can create.."There is more detail, more arresting and heart-rending moments, more creativity on this album than there is in some other artist's entire oeuvres.there are also more sublime moments in the two-side long tracks, reminding on older ZOVIET FRANCE...excellent sonics, georgously packed: die cut linen jacket with silver foil embossing, inlay, lim.2nd edition of 300 copies, new cut, different sleeve.."A collection of 7 intimate pieces about detachment, the inner world, timelessness, silence.." Instrumentation : Hammond organ, voice, piano, guitar, harp, flute, percussion, field recordings.

...a sound dialog between psaltery, zither and shruti box, brought into a contemplative space...' very much inspired by Indian music, the second collaboration release by ZEIT (Italian multi-instrumentalist, electronic musician and filmmaker) and ALIO DIE; BACK IN STOCK ! 250 inspired by JEAN BAUDRILLARDS book "Le Systeme des Objects" (1968), these two Italian experimentalists create atmospheric electronics by the use of many field recordings and concrete sounds, finding a way to express the function of objects as consumer symbols...heavenly voices ambience, natural organic flux, entrancing ethno drones, electronic spheres - ALIO DIEs collaboration with PARALLEL WORLDS from Greece, feat. vinyl version (500) first LP for this death industrial outfit from Belgium, a low fi noise-drone monster reminding on the Swedish CMI classics like BRIGHTER DEATH NOW or the latest attacks of TREPANERINGSRITUALEN.... quite radical at times, the 7 tracks work on the unknown borders of ambient, musique concrete, post industrial & drone music; to discover !five years after Vol.2 this is the third part in the "Xerrox" series (inspired by the process of copying/endless reproduction of data) of self-generated samples, subtitled "Towards Space", going into a surprisingly melodic and dreamy direction, often sounding like a nostalgic synth soundtrack for an old movie...a strange & surreal dance of field recording snippets & other short-timed noises & drones, unique surrounding.... T.s own label "archaic" ethno ambient, using digital & analog sound sources along with field recordings, inspired by prehistoric artefacts / marks of the Northumberland regions; lim.CD version of a 4-track installation that happened in Ireland in 2007; prof. 250 in hand-designed "art-branding" WOOD-BOX, each one unique, comes with bonus CDR of the same album AUME is the NEW project of SCOT JENERIK (23Five Org., F-SPACE) and ALEPH OMEGA (CHROME, etc.), their dark and electricity filled "ambient industrial" creations build lots of tension, using pulses, whirring drones, effected percussion and found sounds (voices, oriental melodies)...very nice acoustics, not only for beer-drinkers;) lim. drone newcomer from Bremen with roots in the open minded / experimental techno- and art scene, this is the debut vinyl EP with 5 tracks (about 20 min. C.), a work around "human aggression" - this is BRUME at the most alien, sinister, opressive & demanding....


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