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The sad thing is that Senator Hanson is an elected member of the Australian Parliament, with a constituency and a hefty following.

And I know that the concept of modesty means different things to different people.Muslims for Progressive Values Australia holds ‘Meet a Muslim’ events nationally. Halal and non-halal certified refreshments will surely be on offer for your enjoyment.WASHINGTON – With rumors afire that San Francisco 49ers quarterback has not only embraced “Black Lives Matter” activism but Islam, it’s worth reflecting on the way he came into the NFL – as a “Christian” celebrity, with most of the controversy in his life concerning his tattoos.“The first one I got was Psalm , a scroll on my right shoulder,” Colin Kaepernick told Hollywood Gossip in 2013.He chose the New Living Translation, which reads: “You arm me with strength for battle.In a country where niqab is the accepted dress code, dressing modestly would carry a completely different meaning than in Australia. Senator Hanson’s burqa antic is just another attack on Australian Muslims, with the hope that such jabs will eventually knock them down and out.


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