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Industry and environment, Mechelen, Belgium RESEARCH AREAS Nitrification and denitrification of wastewater Modelling of activated sludge processes Wastewater characterisation Biological phosphorus removal Aeration and filtration of groundwater Anaerobic processes Wastewater Household wastes Alternative waste handling technologies Sustainable sanitation Ph. STUDENTS Denitrification in soil (Jørn Kristian Pedersen, DTU) Inhibition of nitrification-denitrification processes (Ann Marie Eilersen, DTU) Storage in aerobic processes (Klaus Dircks, DTU) Biological phosphorus removal (Christina Maria Falkentoft, DTU) Biomass growth in soil (Jesper Holm, DTU) Calibration of activated sludge models (Britta Petersen, Gent University) Grey wastewater (Eva Eriksson, DTU) Wastewater systems modelling (Erik Lindblom, DTU) Biodegradation of xenobioic organic compounds in wastewater treatment plants (Kåre Press-Kristensen, DTU) Towards Rational Design of Redox-Stratified Biofilms (Susanne Lackner, DTU) EXTERNAL EXAMINER B. Hallvard Ødegaard Prague Technical University Prof. For research on carbon sources for biological denitrification. Wastewater construction – turning the point of view. Operational problems in nutrient removal wastewater treatment. Conference of Design, Oreration and Econimics of Large Wastewater Treatment Plants, Vienna, September 2007 World Water Week, Stockholm, August 2008, Laureates seminar Teaching at courses/continuing education in foreign countries Tianjin, China(Modelling) Bilbao, Spain(Advanced wastewater treatment) IRSA, Rome, Italy (Activated sludge models) AIT, Bangkok, Thailand (Activated sludge models) Engineering Society, North Germany, Rendsburg, Germany (Waste design) Tampere, Finland(Nutrient removal) Brisbane, Australia(Advanced biological wastewater treatment PATENTS Marett, D., Trapp, S. and Petersen, G: System for the reduction of substances in reject water from reed-bed sludge mineralization plants, Patent filed, Danish Patent office , PA 2004 00838 ISI highly cited researcher Mogens Henzeis included in the ISI database for highly cited scientists in the ecology/environment category. &link1=Browse&link2=Results&id=4872 A selection of highly cited publications can be found at the end of the CV Mogens Henze has a H-index of 30 as per January 2010. prof Jakob Magid Aalborg University Prof Per Halkjær Nielsen Institutes VKI, Denmark (publ) EAWAG, Switzerland (publ) North China Design institute, Tianjin CEIT, Spain (publ) Organisations WHO, Europe(publ) FAO(publ) COST (publ) UNEP World Bank(publ) Water Environment Federation Research Foundation, US Companies/Municipalities KRÜGER, Denmark KEMIRA, Sweden ANJOU RECHERCHE, France Bilbao Water and Energy Co., Spain EYDAP, Athens Wastewater Company, Greece Brazilia Wastewater Company, Brazil RESEARCH AWARDS The Gorm Petersen award from the Technical University of Denmark to young researchers, 1973. October 2005, Oaxaca, Mexico Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China, 2006: Scientific publications, nutrient removal and activated sludge models. Cheating in Scientific Publishing Tsinghua University, Beijing, 2006. High quality publications and low quality cheating. High quality publications and low quality cheating. High quality publications and low quality cheating Stockholm Water Week, 23.

Environmental Engineering Society of Singapore, 2006.

(1992): Combined pre-precipitation, biological sludge hydrolysis and nitrogen reduction - a pilot demonstration of integrated nutrient removal.

Erfaringsudveksling i Vandmiljøteknikken EVA, 18, (21), 32-35.

(2003): Household chemicals and personal care products as sources for xenobiotic organic compounds in grey wastewater.

(2003): Experimental and model assisted investigation of an operational strategy for the BPR under low influent concentrations.


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