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The approved layout can be found under the "Project Documents" section.November 2, 2017: Note to all businesses, residents, stakeholders, and concerned parties, exploratory boring work will be done on Hennepin Avenue between Lake and 36th Street on Monday, November 6. (Note: Project information may change due to scheduling, weather, or other factors outside of our control.Public Works anticipates seeking City Council approval for the layout in June 2017.June 30, 2017: City Council approved the staff recommended layout for Hennepin Avenue.

2018-Future Projects Due to poor existing pavement condition, Hennepin Avenue between Washington Avenue and 12th Street is programmed in the City’s Capital Improvement Program for reconstruction in 2020.

Project staff will be on hand to share different concepts for the street, seek feedback, and answer questions. The project will be presented to the Bicycle Advisory Committee Engineering Subcommittee on Tuesday, March 14, 2017 between - p.m.

at the Colonial Warehouse Building, 212 3rd Avenue North, Suite 404 and the Pedestrian Advisory Committee, Infrastructure & Engineering Subcommittee on Thursday, March 16, 2017 between - p.m.

Hennepin County took a gamble when the Minnesota Twins pushed for a new ballpark — one that a number of taxpayers considered a bad bet.

Little more than a decade later, the gamble has paid off.


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