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Being married to a narcissist is like walking on eggshells.

You don’t know what will cause an outburst or provoke his wrath.

You cannot change a narcissistic person; that is almost impossible as narcissism is a deeply ingrained personality disorder.

However, you can learn more effective ways to deal with your husband.

There are primary traits that most narcissists display, although they probably won’t exhibit all of them and they will differ in intensity from individual to individual.

Only a mental health professional can diagnose a personality disorder, but you can suspect it if your husband shows at least five of these signs: In relationships where the husband is self-absorbed, the scales are always imbalanced.

There is a difference between narcissistic abuse and sadistic abuse; when a narcissist hurts you, he is oblivious to your pain but when a s****t hurts you, he does it to see and enjoy your pain.

If you cannot leave a narcissistic person, or choose not to for whatever reason, then your only other option is to learn to cope with him.

Living with a person like that can be destructive and demoralizing.

It can leave you feeling confused and hurt by their seemingly incomprehensible actions.

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