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But if you really have a great time in the woods, you need to make sure you’re outfitted properly.And with the hundreds of great outdoor brands making stellar gear these days, it’s easier than ever to make sure that you’re comfortable and confident while still challenging your mettle.Gerber’s genius Center Drive multi-tool solves the leverage problem with the magnetic, center-axis driver arm, which positions the screw bit at the center of the tool’s rotation.

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Made from a soft merino wool blend with acrylic for strength, you can rock the starry side with astronomical features like the Big Dipper and North Star (they even glow!

(.95, This cleverly designed lantern has four detachable LED light panels about the size of a smartphone.

Each one has a magnetic back you can use to attach to metal surfaces, and a kickstand in the back so you use them for hands-free operation.

The UE Mega Boom won’t disappoint at your next campsite party, thanks to its 360° speaker that sends out deep bass and crisp highs.

It’s also totally waterproof and is covered in a hard-wearing rubber coating.


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