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While not in contact as regularly as Spencer Livermore, he is described by one Downing St insider as “the most trusted” of Gordon’s confidantes.He continues to act as an organiser for the Brownites among the parliamentary party, was instrumental in organising Brown’s “coronation” as leader earlier this year and most of all has a rapport and bond of trust with the Prime Minister that only a 24-year alliance could forge. Peter Mandelson, 54, EU Trade Commissioner The ‘Prince of Darkness’ is one of the great survivors of British politics.The Unionists certainly did not know what to make of this softly-spoken gay man, Brazilian boyfriend in tow, who entered the fray at a key moment in the peace process and contributed immensely to its successful conclusion.He was outed on in September 1998, by journalist Matthew Parris (11), who, knowing he was unlikely to get sued for libel, baldly stated ” Peter Mandelson is certainly gay.” The hate between Brown and Mandelson is the stuff of legend. The purpose of this Pink uk Top 50 list is to demonstrate the presence of gay and lesbian people at the highest levels of British politics. In 1997 the age of consent was set higher for gay men, homophobia in schools was being exacerbated by the draconian symbolism of Section 28, lesbian and gay people had no protection at work or when accessing goods and services and had no legal recognition of their relationships.Today every leading political party not only has gay MPs, those out politicians are on every frontbench, and at the heart of power in Downing St.

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He is currently Minister of State at the Department of Health. Andrew Pierce, 46, Assistant Editor, A ball of giggles, gossip, scandal and kinetic energy, Pierce is an interesting mix of rebel and establishment figure.

Initially thick as thieves, Mandelson’s affections gradually drifted towards the charismatic Blair, who he supported for leader in 1994.

Brown never forgave his former ally for the betrayal, and Gordon never forgets.

Close to deputy leader Harriet Harman and well-regarded by Gordon Brown, she is also popular in the party, and is a member of Labour’s governing body, the National Executive Committee.

She came out a matter of weeks after Tony Blair was elected, and her frank interview in was a special moment in lesbian history in the UK. Five years later her twin sister Maria joined her, making them the first twins ever to be elected to the House of Commons. Ben Bradshaw, 47, Minister of State for Health Services, MP for Exeter In the 1997 general election Ben Bradshaw fought a notoriously homophobic opponent, and went on to win Exeter with with a majority of 11,705.


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