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During the excavations earlier material including Roman pottery and a coin was found at Moatenden indicating settlement here over an extended period.

The prosperity brought to Headcorn by the weaving industry, established in the reign of King Edward III, is reflected in the houses built at that time and the enlargement of the Parish Church of St Peter and St Paul.

The fair was later held on 12 June, having apparently been merged with the Trinity-tide fair of Moatenden Priory.

The Trinitarian Order, or Order of the Holy Trinity for the Redemption of Captives, was founded in France in 1198.

Three were found west of the Ulcombe Road and one from north-west of Tong.

These have originated from the river gravel terrace that partially survives beneath Tong Bank.

Henry of Ospringe, was appointed the first rector in 1222 by King Henry III.

However, in 1239, the King gave the den of Headcorn, with the rectorial endowments, to the Maison Dieu at Ospringe, near Faversham.

Headcorn may have originated as a "denn" or clearing, to which pigs were driven in the fall to feed on acorns in the Wealden Forest.A Neolithic polished flint axe was found in the stream near the present school in Headcorn, and a bronze palstave axehead dating from the Bronze Age from New House Farm reveal the presence of people in the area from early times.However, just to the north of the village a total of four much earlier Paleolithic flint handaxes have been found.This was published in Archaeologia Cantiana for 1995.The pottery from the excavation site dates from the 13th–15th centuries,there were also three lead papal seals from the site.The site is surrounded by a large moat and a number of monastic fishponds also survive .


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