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The Ra content was determined by their radioactive descendants’ concentrations.We could decide that the CRS was the best applicable model.A 70 cm long and 5 cm internal-diameter wide core was used for sediment sampling.

Several districts of the metropolitan area use this reservoir to dispose of rubbish, waste and sewage.After being centrifuged, the supernatant was taken for the analysis of lead and the precipitate was kept for radio analysis. The solution was centrifuged, the supernatant discarded and 5 m L of nitric acid (1:2) was added to the precipitate.The precipitate was heated in a water bath, where the elemental sulfur is formed while lead remains in solution.Each core was sectioned into 3 cm intervals from the top (an estimated value, determined Ra contents were separated by the method described in Moreira’s studies [7].The samples were placed in a 2 L beaker and the volume was made up to 1 L with water.Argentina Uses Nuclear Technology to Control Insect Pests.


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